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Eazywap Language: English
Mobile community offering communication tools : email, chat, instant messaging, boards, news... ...
www.eazywap.com (Web)wap.eazywap.com  (Mobile)
Coyos Language: English
Personal ads, chat, forum, reviews, and much much more - always growing with the help of you! ...
www.coyos.com (Web)tagtag.com/coyos  (Mobile)
HiuGO Language: English
The first MIC (mobile interactive community). Interaction through your phone for events. ...
www.hiugo.com (Web)www.hiugo.com  (Mobile)
Saw-you.com Language: English
A revolutionary fun service that allows you to SMS people you SEE withhout their Moby numbers !! ...
www.saw-you.com (Web)www.saw-you.com  (Mobile)
Voteserve.com Language: English
Vote on 1000's of opinion polls in categories such as Business, Lifestyle, Showbiz and Sport. ...
www.voteserve.com/ (Web)wap.voteserve.com/index.wml  (Mobile)

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