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Masonic Asia Language: English
The Asian Masonic Home Pages. A complete tour of all Masonic Activities in Asia. ...
www.masonicasia.com (Web)www.masonicasia.com/index.wml  (Mobile)
//microguides Language: English
WAP travel and busines information when you need it most ...
microguides.co.uk (Web)www.waptown.net/main.wml  (Mobile)
arrivalTo.com Language: English
arrivalTo provides business travel information for over 2000 cities, 2000 airports and 200 countries...
arrivalTo.com (Web)wap.arrivalTo.com  (Mobile)
Bluebell Railway Language: English
Timetable and general details about the Bluebell Railway, an all-steam heritage railway in Sussex, U...
www.bluebell-railway.co.uk (Web)wap.bluebellrailway.co.uk  (Mobile)
Flummox - Infoterminal Language: German
Wir stellen unterschiedliche hilfreiche Informationen über Basel zur Verfügung wie das Kino-Programm...
www.flummox.ch (Web)wap.flummox.ch  (Mobile)
IRLwap Guide to Ireland Language: English
Ireland's definitive WAP information service. The independent multilingual portal for Ireland. ...
irlwap.com/ (Web)irlwap.com/i.wml  (Mobile)
Lakbay.net Language: English
Travel in Phillipines. Info about hotels, air, transportation and tours ...
www.lakbay.net.ph (Web)www.lakbay.net/wap/home.wml  (Mobile)
m-indya Language: English
Find places in Singapore, SBS Bus Info, MRT Fare, ...
www.m-indya.com (Web)www.m-indya.com/mobile/index.wml  (Mobile)
Mobile Motion Language: English
Want something fun to do? Just need a ride? Not sure how to find it? Whether at home or on vacation,...
www.mobilemotion.com (Web)wap.mobilemotion.com  (Mobile)
Museums of The World Language: English
The world greatest searchengine for museums ...
www.museum.com (Web)wap.museum.com  (Mobile)

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