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Cartoonscape Language: English
Cartoons, comics and wapisodes including WAP's only superhero Super WapMan. Site also includes a car...
www.cartoonscape.com (Web)wap.cartoonscape.com  (Mobile)
Flippo's Language: English
Funny pictures which you can flip around to see annother reality, for WAP enabled devices only! Go...
mGo.To/Flippos (Web)mGo.To/Flippos  (Mobile)
Four Jokers Language: English
Contains Joke of the day, murphys laws, chatup lines and pick u lines and wierd funny stories ...
www.fourjokers.co.uk (Web)www.fourjokers.co.uk/wap  (Mobile)
Free SMS Fun Language: English
Send your friends funny SMS messages from your WAP device for Free! ...
mGo.To/FreeSMS (Web)mGo.To/FreeSMS  (Mobile)
Fun Pix Language: English
Funny pictures for WAP ...
mGo.To/FunPix (Web)mGo.To/Funpix  (Mobile)
PocketBoxOffice Language: English
PocketBoxOffice is "The World's First Micro-Entertainment Network": an ever-expanding, ever-changing...
www.AirborneEntertainment.com (Web)www.pktbo.com  (Mobile)
TheFunniest Language: English
TheFunniest is Earth’s only humor channel for wireless devices. We’re always adding new...
www.thefunniest.com (Web)www.thefunniest.com  (Mobile)
WapGag:) Language: English
WapGag:) is a wap enabled joke database with over 1000 jokes ...
www.wapgag.co.uk (Web)www.wapgag.co.uk  (Mobile)
Wapwitz Language: German
Über 2000 Witze unterteilt in 13 verschiedene Kategorien. Jeden Tag neue Witze (Tageswitze) und alle...
www.wapwitz.com (Web)www.wapwitz.com  (Mobile)

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