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Bewoopi Language: French
Portail Wap gratuit avec un service unique de personnalisation de la page d'accueil Wap. A chacun so...
bewoopi.com/ (Web)bewoopi.com/  (Mobile)
Eazywap Language: French
Eazywap développe des applications communautaires permettant a ses membres de communiquer (email, ch...
www.eazywap.com (Web)wap.eazywap.com  (Mobile)
Eazywap Language: German
Eazywap entwickelt gemeinschaftliche Kommunikationsmoeglichkeiten, email, chat, instant messaging, f...
www.eazywap.com (Web)wap.eazywap.com  (Mobile)
Eazywap Language: English
Mobile community offering communication tools : email, chat, instant messaging, boards, news... ...
www.eazywap.com (Web)wap.eazywap.com  (Mobile)
Ithaki Metasearch Language: English
Metasearch Engine. Metasearch for WAP sites, News, Web2wap (html2wap) and more. ...
ithaki.net/indexu.htm (Web)ithaki.net/wap/  (Mobile)
MavicaNet Language: English
Largest and most sophisticated Russian site. Content provider for all usefull information to be foun...
www.mavicanet.com (Web)wap.mavica.ru  (Mobile)
Palowireless.com Language: English
The palowireless.com Wireless Resource Center provides a full spectrum of resources for wireless ind...
www.palowireless.com (Web)www.palowireless.com/windex.asp  (Mobile)
space2go Language: English
Allows the user to access all personal information anywhere, anytime from any web or wap device ...
www.space2go.com (Web)wap.space2go.com/wap/s  (Mobile)
Threebuttons Language: English
ThreeButtons mobile internet services - An independent mobile portal with free services: pop3 e-mail...
www.threebuttons.com (Web)www.threebuttons.com  (Mobile)
Wapeton.com Language: Spanish
Portal Vertical especializado en Nuevas Tecnologias. ...
www.wapeton.com (Web)www.wapeton.com  (Mobile)

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