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123production.com Language: English
123production.com is specialized in web and wap design ...
www.123production.com (Web)www.123production.com/wap/  (Mobile)
AnywhereYouGo.com Language: English
The global meeting place for developers and IT decision makers creating and deploying applications f...
www.AnywhereYouGo.com (Web)www.AnywhereYouGo.com  (Mobile)
Big WAP Site Language: English
Offer wap & wml tutorials downloads news forums links, wbmp and lots more all free ...
www.bigwapsite.co.uk/ (Web)www.bigwapsite.co.uk/index.wml  (Mobile)
Kannel Language: English
Kannel is an Open Source WAP gateway that also works as an SMS gateway for GSM networks. You can u...
www.kannel.org/ (Web)www.kannel.org/wap/main.wml  (Mobile)
Logos Unlimited Language: English
We sell Nokai Logos and Ringtones and send direct to yoyr phone. We also sell a wide range of Nokai ...
www.logosunlimited.co.uk (Web)buzzed.co.uk/wap/logosunlimited  (Mobile)
miniFILE Language: English
A perfect blend of cellular telephone and electronic address book, miniFILE provides you with quick ...
miniFILE.com (Web)miniFILE.com  (Mobile)
Palowireless.com Language: English
The palowireless.com Wireless Resource Center provides a full spectrum of resources for wireless ind...
www.palowireless.com (Web)www.palowireless.com/windex.asp  (Mobile)
Phoneytunes Language: English
A great collection for ringtones, graphic messaing, handset secrets, tips and tricks on your handset...
www.phoneytunes.com (Web)wap.phoneytunes.com/index.wml  (Mobile)
Tutch Language: Dutch
Tutch, Independent Mobile Internet Met Tutch heb je het wereldwijde WAP-web altijd en overal tot ...
www.tutch.nl (Web)wap.tutch.nl  (Mobile)
Wuzap.org Language: English
North American based online community of wireless application developers. All the news, information...
www.wuzap.org (Web)wap.wuzap.org  (Mobile)

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